Power Pads

Our Power Pads programme is for young people aged 11-13 yrs. It is structured to offer your young person essential skills to enable them to thrive not only in their health and fitness but as an individual. We will support your young person to increase their independence, which in turn will improve their confidence, along with respect for themselves and others. Through discovering what is important to them and a greater self awareness they are developing key skills for success which extend beyond the classes.

These classes are designed to educate your young person on the safe techniques of boxing but in an exercise environment so they can also have fun getting fit and channel this in a healthy way. These classes are a great option for not only those that are already interested in sports, but also for those that do not generally enjoy sports or exercise.

We live in a time where there are a number of ways in which negativity can affect our children. Therefore, our aim is to support our young people to learn and build upon what we believe to be empowering and beneficial life skills.

Alongside the fitness aspect, these classes also improve:

  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Self-control
  • Peer to peer engagement
  • Social skills
  • Concentration

Our Power Pads programme is delivered in accordance with our unique Boxercise awards programme. This gives every young person the chance should they wish, to demonstrate the skills they have learnt and achieve awards at our grading sessions. Your young person will have the opportunity to evidence the progress they are making, increasing their confidence, independence and self-motivation to improve their skill set.

We hope that they enjoy being a part of these classes as much as we enjoy giving them. All of our staff and volunteers are insured, specifically trained to offer these classes and are also DBS checked.